Artist draws handmade map of Paris to pay homage to source of inspiration


A Parisian artist drew by hand a large map of the French capital to pay homage to the major font of inspiration for his art work for the past 10 years.

Thomas Dartigues, also known as Decktwo, realized his dream of painting his own map of Paris this year.

"The city is one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Its sprawling energy that spreads its tentacles from the centre outwards, its ways of networking and connectivity, the way its evolution is expressed through scale - all of it makes up the DNA of my creations." Dartigues said. "It is a place of tension and power struggles but also it is an incredible energy vessel."

The map was delicately drawn with only one pen and just black color so the eye of the viewer can focus on slowly discovering all the tiny details into the huge composition

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Decktwo describes himself as a pluri-disciplinary artist, doing wall painting, drawing, motion graphic design, and visual effects. He received international interest since he was chosen to paint the entire Arums gallery walls and he has also worked with various major fashion brands, according to his website.

The city map of Paris has already been sold.