Woman 'frozen to death' inside car turns out to be a mannequin

Authorities are particularly watchful for people in distress on days when temperatures are very low.

So when police in Hudson, New York were alerted by an "upset citizen" on Friday that an elderly woman inside a vehicle appeared "frozen to death," the rescue squad acted swiftly.

A Hudson Police Department press release notes, "Officers arrived minutes later and observed an elderly woman seated in the passenger seat wearing an oxygen mask. She was not moving and was unresponsive. It was bitterly cold, (around 8 degrees) and the car had snow cover, indicating it may have been parked there overnight. An HPD Sergeant broke the rear passenger window and opened the door to discover it was an extremely realistic life-sized mannequin."

The press release further states, "The vehicle owner, a Hudson resident, is a Sales Manager for a company that manufactures medical training aides. The elderly woman model appears to be a CPR training device."

Authorities say no charges are planned.