Anchors gag over co-worker's artichoke dip on air

The holiday spirit isn't reserved for one's friends and family -- co-workers may get in on the festivities, too. Potlucks and holiday parties usually lead to people bringing food to the office. In some cases, this is a great perk ... but if your co-workers aren't good cooks, it can go haywire.

This happened to not just any group of employees, but several Canadian news anchors.

Four Global News Calgary anchors sampled homemade artichoke dip ... but they weren't happy about it. Global News uploaded a clip to YouTube:

Traffic reporter Leslie Horton brought the dip in and, while she had high hopes, she soon realized it wasn't supposed to look -- or taste -- the way it does.

Try out these holiday cookies instead of Horton's dip

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel tried some dip on a cracker and soon regretted the decision. "It's not that bad," he said, "It's the vinegar." Horton then informed him that there's no actual vinegar in the dip.

Global News shared the fateful moment on Twitter:

Why was the dip so horrible? Horton eventually figured it out:

Lesson learned: don't use pickled artichokes for dip -- unless you want to see news anchors gag on air.