Tiny polar bear cub makes relentless effort to stand up for the first time

A German adventure park has captured footage showing an adorable polar bear cub doing his best to stand up for the very first time at a little over a month of age.

The video shot by Tierpark Berlin shows the adorable youngster relentlessly trying to get up on his little paws, unfazed by the countless failed attempts.

Its mother, seven-year-old Tonja, can be seen checking on her baby from time to time and nursing it as the cub continues in its efforts.

The yet-to-be-named cub was born on November 3 together with a twin who passed away after a few days, the park said.

The cub weighs about four kilograms by now. Its gender will be determined during the cub's first medical examination scheduled to take place early next year.

But Tonya needs to feel comfortable leaving the cub alone for the staff to be able to separate the two and proceed with the check-up, the park explained.