Parents wake up to find strange man holding their toddler

The cries of a young child woke her parents early Thursday morning -- but they never could have guessed what was making her wail.

Police came to their Tempe, Arizona, home at about 2:30 a.m. after a woman told the 911 dispatcher that her husband was fighting with a burglar, WJW reports.

According to Tempe Police Department spokeswoman Sgt. Josie Montenegro, the woman woke up when she heard her 2 year old whimpering. She noticed her daughter's bedroom door was closed, which was unusual.

When the father checked the living room, he saw a stranger was holding his baby.

He immediately started fighting the man, who police have identified as Oren Cohen, 34.

Montenegro told WJW that officers arrested the man on suspicion of burglary and aggravated assault, and he noted that police are still investigating his intent.

The couple told police they had never seen Cohen before that night, WJW reports.

Montenegro said the events were "just a total parent's nightmare."

The 2-year-old girl and her 3-month-old sister were not harmed during the situation.