Woman accidentally calls mother who lost her daughter instead of her own mother

The holiday season is a time we come together with our family -- or at least remember to call them if they're too far away.

When Twitter user Jaileene Andrade called a random number trying to contact her mom, the mistake did not upset the owner of the wrong number. It actually made her Christmas ... but for a heartbreaking reason:

"I'm really crying [right now] dude," Andrade said. "I thought I was calling my mom."

The number she actually dialed belonged to a woman who lost her own daughter. "This is the lady [you] thought was your mom," she told Andrade. "I just wanted to let you know [your] wrong number was a great Christmas gift for me I lost my only daughter around the holidays."

The woman said that she was comforted by hearing Andrade. "Hearing [you] say HEY MOM made me feel so good."

She finished her text by saying, "Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS."

How is Christmas celebrated around the world?

Andrade isn't the only person moved by the text. Her tweet went viral overnight, gathering hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

Because Andrade did not blur out the number, others took to contacting the woman as well to offer condolences:

Hopefully, this anonymous woman is comforted by strangers' wishes for a merry Christmas.