Twitter reportedly bumped from Trump's tech summit over refusal to make 'Crooked Hillary' emoji


Though Donald Trump relies heavily on Twitter to communicate with the world, it appears he may be holding a grudge against the social media company.

While leaders of the major tech companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google were in attendance at Trump's Wednesday tech summit, an inside source told Politico that Twitter was bumped because it didn't allow a sponsored "Crooked Hillary" emoji on its platform.

Prior to the election, the Trump campaign had reportedly approached Twitter with an idea for a special tiny image version of #CrookedHillary – the hashtag that Trump made popular.

Design suggestions revolved largely around bags of money either being handed out or stolen.

According to Gary Coby, digital advertising director for the Trump campaign, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stepped in to stop such an emoji from existing.

A Trump aide offered a different explanation for Twitter's absence at the tech meeting, telling Business Insider, "They weren't there because they aren't big enough."