Man won a free casino buffet and took a homeless man as his guest


If you'd won a free dinner, you'd probably bring a friend or significant other -- but one man on Reddit had different plans.

Reddit user Stenotrophomonas won a casino buffet while in Las Vegas and decided to bring along a homeless man named Todd. He shared a photo of them on the site:

The photo went viral on Reddit, getting thousands of comments. He said that Todd has been homeless in Las Vegas for more than 30 years, and his poor health showed it.

Todd ate mashed potatoes, both because it is his favorite food and because he's missing teeth.

"I legit thought it was a nice thing to do," he said. "The alternative was to eat at the buffet by myself and waste the other half." He said that he didn't have a companion since his friends had already left Vegas; they were there for a conference.

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Some believed that the photo and story were fake, but Stenotrophomonas insisted that, "I posted this because it might inspire someone else to do the same or think about it when they have the opportunity."