China to build bridges that 'vanish' into the mountainous landscape

China recently built a truly daring glass-bottomed bridge to carry visitors of Zhangjiajie from one mountain peak to another, and it is readying to build additional pedestrian passageways also likely to get hearts racing.

The construction of the very high-up footbridges is planned, and each will be outfitted in a way that makes it appear almost as if it's not there at all.

Designed by Martin Duplantier Architects, the peak-to-peak transit routes will be covered with highly reflective stainless steel, lending the impression of an unobstructed mountaintop vista.

Further pushing that perception is a walking surface made of black stone.

Unique features are planned as well, including an opening that allows views of the ground far, far below and a mechanism that creates the effect of passing through cloud cover.

In addition to the bridges, the plan includes a trio of pavilions situated at different points throughout the mountains.

They will provide eateries, scenic overlooks, and temporary lodging.