Student writes racist note on school paper

A student in Kansas City is accused of writing a racist note on a school paper. It featured a drawing of what appears to be a Ku Klux Klan hood with a speech bubble proclaiming, "Kill all blacks!"

Cara Bruce, a student at Piper High School where the drawing appeared, spoke to local FOX outlet FOX 4 about the incident. "Our message is clear, there needs to be more cultural understanding here at Piper High School," she said. "Enough is enough, there needs to be more done."

The drawing had apparently been circulating online and on the app Snapchat.

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Another student, LJ Brown, expressed his sadness over the note -- and believes the perpetrator should apologize. "Everybody deserves a second chance and I would definitely accept his apology," he told FOX 4.

The district superintendent, Tim Conrad, issued a statement: "Piper School District is dealing with this as efficiently and swiftly as possible. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination. Safety of our students is a top priority. This will not be tolerated nor is it acceptable and will be disciplined in accordance with policy and statute."

In an email sent to Piper High School parents, the principal reiterated that appropriate punishments will be met.