Browser extension replaces Donald Trump with kittens

Since the election, it's safe to say that President-elect Donald Trump has been in the news every day. With all the coverage, one might be overloaded with his photos. One developer made an effort to change that -- with kittens.

Make America Kittens Again is a Chrome extension that replaces photos of Donald Trump with photos of kittens.

The Huffington Post reportedly tried out the extension:

Source: Huffington Post

They commented, however, that it can be unreliable for some pages.

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This is not the first Chrome extension to replace Donald Trump with photos of something completely unrelated. The Make Trump Burger Again -- clearly developers created a theme with the names -- puts pictures of burgers in the place of Trump photos:

The creator, Daragh Kan, co-founded an Australian burger chain called Mr. Burger. Kan told Mashable he created Make Trump Burger Again in order to "brighten people's days."