Zoo celebrates birth of 6 teeny tiny meerkat pups that will melt your heart

Tiny animals have the power to smash negativity, so prepare to have your day brightened.

At Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, a brand new litter of meerkat pups have wiggled into the world and you bet your life savings that they're the cutest little balls of fluff you ever did see.

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The six little ones were born in early Nov. but are only just now big enough to start adventuring. They're the largest litter of meerkats the zoo has ever seen.

See the adorable pups in action:

They are thought to be three girls and three boys, though that won't be officially known until January 2017 when they're big enough for their first veterinary examinations, according to a statement from The Taronga Conservation Society.

Courtney Mahony is a keeper at the zoo, and said that the tiny angels were growing a little slower than expected, but they should be up to wrestling and chasing each other all over the place soon.

"They're still hitting all the right milestones and starting to show their own little personalities," Mahony said.

The pups will be gradually introduced to life outside of their "nest box,›" but for now visitors can only see them at the zoo for very brief times and under the watchful eyes of their human and meerkat parents.

Meerkats normally carry three to four pups in a litter, according to the zoo. So the fact that there are septuplet pups in Sydney now makes the whole adorable occasion that much more special.

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