Simple test at age 3 may predict criminal behavior and obesity

By: TC Newman, Buzz60

Science says they can test for whether a person will be a criminal at the age of 3. A recently published scientific study from researchers at Duke University, Kings College London, and University of Otago followed 1,000 people from birth to 38 years of age.

At the age of 3, each of the participants took a 45-minute neurological examination that looked at intelligence, motor skills, language, impulsivity, and frustration tolerance.

The overall scores were called "brain health." Low brain health scores were a good predictor of future behavior, including "high healthcare and societal costs."

They found 20% of the people studied were responsible for the majority of life choices that put a burden on the rest of society. One fifth of the participants were responsible for 81% of the criminal convictions, and 77% of children being raised without a father.

Those who had the lowest brain health scores also were lower in bodily health. This group comprised 54% of the regular smokers, 40% of the obese, and 81% of nights in the hospital.

This study is not meant to stigmatize, but to bring options. Researchers say, "These are all traits that can be controlled and improved upon with the proper interventions, so identifying them in young children is a gift."

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