Groom-to-be mysteriously paralyzed during bachelor party


Tragedy struck at a joint bachelor-bachelorette party in Naples, Florida, on December 3 when the groom-to-be, 39-year-old Brett Greenhill, mysteriously became paralyzed while swimming.

Kelsey Rice, a nurse and friend of the couple, could immediately tell something was wrong when she saw Greenhill's motionless body in the water.

"Brett went into the water and all of a sudden my friend Kelsey says, 'Why is Brett doing that? Why is he floating like that?' " Greenhill's fiancée, 29-year-old Meg Alexander, told "I was like, 'I don't know, he's a goofball' and she went to check on him."

But when Rice checked on the groom-to-be, her worst fears were realized.

"I grabbed him, flipped him over and he said, 'Help me, Kel. I can't move,' " Rice told "It went from an incredible weekend to devastating."

Greenhill was swiftly airlifted to Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers where doctors rushed him into emergency surgery.


"Thanks to the quick response of the medical team and guidance of the neurosurgeon, Brett was able to undergo surgery to remove fragments of his shattered vertebrae which had lodged into his spinal cord," a GoFundMe page started on the couple's behalf states.

Doctors assessed that Greenhill was paralyzed from the neck down as a result of hitting his head on what they think may have been a sandbar.

According to, Greenhill is currently in the ICU and is temporarily unable to speak, and although doctors have told Alexander that her fiancé will regain the ability to talk, there's only a 1 percent chance he will get his mobility back.

"We're holding on to that one percent because if anyone will do it, it's Brett," Alexander said.

In order to donate towards the couple's medical bills, future procedures, rehabilitation, air flight transportation and necessary adjustments to their home and lifestyle, click here.