Secret Santa pays off $46,000 in layaway at Walmart

Christmas is often a time for giving and getting into the generous spirit -- and one anonymous Walmart customer is surely feeling it.

A mysterious "Santa B" called a Walmart in Everett, Pennsylvania and offered to pay off the store's entire layaway costs.

Walmart store manager, Ryan Kennedy, answered the call -- and was completely shocked. "It was complete disbelief," Kennedy told CNN. "It was definitely a great gesture."

What's Santa called around the world?

Kennedy and Santa B arranged for another person to come to the Walmart to give a check for the bill, totaling $46,265.59. Once the check went through, Walmart proceeded to call the 194 customers who no longer had a layaway charge.

Needless to say, they were more than appreciative. According to Kennedy, "Some individuals were just brought to tears when they were notified about it."

Christa Morton's daughter played the message before she came home; the daughter said it would make her cry. "So I walked upstairs and it was Walmart saying that our Christmas layaway can be picked up and that it was completely paid for," Morton told WJAC.

Walmart issued a statement following Santa B's payoff, expressing joy for the good deed. "We're honored to be a small part of these random acts of kindness," they said.

Customer Pamela Foor agreed, saying, "I'm just grateful and thankful that they can do that and in their heart."