'It's got to stop and it's got to stop immediately': Joe Scarborough knocks Trump for clash with CIA

Joe Scarborough knocked President-elect Donald Trump on Monday over his dismissal of the CIA's reported assessment that Russian hackers leaked private emails of top Democrats to help Trump win the election.

Over the weekend, Trump repeatedly said he did not believe reports indicating that the CIA told top lawmakers that evidence suggested Russia hacked and subsequently leaked the emails of top Democratic officials specifically to sow discord in a way that would benefit the Republican nominee.

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Scarborough described Trump's criticism of the CIA as "unprecedented" and advised that it was "not a wise thing to do."

"The last agency I would tweak would be the CIA," Scarborough said.

The MSNBC host continued: "That's just got to stop, and it's got to stop immediately. It's bad for the president, it's bad for the agency, especially in 2017. You talk about the tip of the spear — the CIA is the tip of the spear. We do not march out 300,000 people to European battlefields and say 'Charge' anymore. It is the CIA that is basically on the forefront, and putting their lives on the line. That is the last agency you cross when you're the incoming president of the United States."

Following the election, Scarborough has appeared to use his show to informally counsel the president-elect on potential Cabinet selections.

Scarborough repeatedly warned Trump last month against selecting Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, as secretary of state.

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