Is this Donald Trump's number 1 enemy on Twitter?

By Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

When it comes to Twitter wars, the one between DonaldTrump and Danny Zuker might be the most heated.

Writer and executive producer of the ABC show Modern Family, Danny Zuker, has been on Trump's case for years now. Though Zuker says he usually doesn't engage with public figures on Twitter, he knew he had to use his platform to represent a group against the future president.

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Twitter feuds about "The Apprentice" were just the beginning back in 2013. Zuker confessed in an interview with Mashable that the feud even switched to email at one point.

One tweet by Zuker said, "I love how crazy it's making you that I won't play your stupid game."

Trump tweeted back with, "No @DannyZuker it's making you crazy because you don't have the guts to play the game. Come on, you can do it!"

Zuker went on to say, when it comes to women, "Trump has the personality of a man consistently rejected by women, and consequently they are the "only group of people he genuinely dislikes — the misogyny is real."

Finally, Zuker says he has no plans to make it easier on Donald Trump. Instead, he believes he has a responsibility to continue to speak out.

On December 10th, Zuker trolled Trump with a tweet saying, "Today Trump announced that Putin's fave oil exec will be Secretary of State. Tomorrow he reveals his new design for the American Flag."

If that wasn't harsh enough, he followed it up with, "Trump has been fighting intelligence his whole life in light of the secret CIA assessment saying Russia tried to help Trump win the election."

Zuker, along with the rest of the world, is waiting on Trump's response.