Deer makes surprise appearance in New York City park

New York City resident Marissa Duque captured footage of a deer taking a walk in the middle of a park in New York.

Video shot on Thursday, December 8th shows the animal walking leisurely at Harlem's Jackie Robinson Park, leaving visitors charmed and baffled by the unusual sight.

"Most people have reacted as I have, amazed to see a deer smack dab in the middle of Harlem", 28-year-old Duque told Reuters.

But given the spot's proximity to the traffic on the busy roads nearby, one visitor, concerned about the deer's safety, called the Animal Care and Control centre, Duque said.

The next morning, heading to the gym, Duque was surprised to see the deer again. But a few hours later the animal was gone.

"I'm not sure if he was moved or if he roamed off further into the park but I loved having been able to experience his presence", Duque said.