The US is deploying 200 more troops to fight ISIS

The U.S. says it will send another 200 troops to fight ISIS in Syria.

These troops, mostly advisers and special forces trainers, will be tasked with helping local fighters retake the city of Raqqa.

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Raqqa is the current focal point of the Islamic State's sphere of influence, or so-called "caliphate."

The U.S. has mainly used air strikes in the fight against ISIS, but this next deployment would help with what some say is the final push to retake Raqqa.

This deployment would boost the number of U.S. personnel assisting Arab and Kurdish fighters to around 500.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter criticized Middle Eastern nations for not contributing enough "muscle" to fight ISIS. He said the additional U.S. ground forces will "continue organizing, training, equipping and otherwise enabling capable, motivated local forces" who oppose the terror group.

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