White supremacist event's disgusting Wi-Fi name outrages social media

White supremacist leader Richard Spencer made a speech at Texas A&M University on Tuesday -- but not without massive controversy. CNN reported that protesters were in attendance -- and that two non-students were arrested at the event:

Texas A&M announced that the school did not invite Spencer; local white nationalist, Preston Wiginton, rented the room according to CNN.

On Twitter, Journalist Jeff Paul shared a detail that showed how radical the beliefs of Spencer and other white supremacists are:

The name of the Wi-Fi network read "N---- GENOCIDE."

"Found this when I went to connect to a wifi connection inside room for Alt Right speaker Richard Spencer at Texas A&M," Paul said.

Paul's tweet quickly went viral -- with some condemning the network and event and others not believing its legitimacy.

See social reactions to the Wi-Fi name

Paul also shared a photo of protesters of the event:

The protesters were loud with their chants. Among them was a reminder for white nationalists in the room: "The whole world is watching."