Man tries (and fails) to rob 5 banks in one day

By: Nathan Rousseau Smith

Robbing a bank isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

That's what one criminal is learning after attempting to rob five banks in Manhattan in one day, and turning up empty-handed.

According to police, Alex Garcia tried to rob five different banks, working his way from Midtown to the ritzy stretch of the Upper East Side.

Garcia allegedly walked into banks with a sign reading, "Give me money $5,000."

After each teller refused, police say Garcia would walk out and move onto the next bank!

One teller even took his sign!

According to the New York Post, 38-year-old Garcia has 56 prior arrests for drugs, petty larceny and trespassing.

Authorities believe Garcia's tenacity in the wake of failure came from successfully robbing a bank for $1,000 the week prior.

He later tried that bank again, only to be recognized and turned away.

Authorities are still on the hunt for the less than successful robber.