Couple adopts 5 siblings to keep family together

Raising five children is no easy feat, but this Arizona couple happily took on the challenge, adopting a group of siblings — ages 2 through 9 — so they wouldn't have to be split up.

On National Adoption Day, held annually on November 19 as a way for adoptive parents to raise awareness, Brenda and Curt Heuer from Yavapai County adopted siblings Brianna, 9, Kristyl, 7, Bradley, 6, Emily, 3, Kate, 2.

"We really strove to keep the children together. All the children have left is each other," Brenda told "We have the capability. We needed to adopt these kids."

She explained that all five children have behavioral issues, and are classified as "high needs." The kids were behind in school, and were believed to have been from a troubled home.

"They take a lot of patience, and love, and support, and a lot of consistency," Brenda explained. "We were open to that."

Since fostering the kids last year, she said they have all been bonding well.

"We go camping, boating — we love the outdoors," she said. "They loved everything we do. They really fit in and we thought it was in their best interest and for us to keep them as a family."

She explained that ever since she and her husband, who are in their 50s, started fostering children, it has been important for them to keep their home open for larger sibling groups.

"Throughout our 12 years [fostering], we've always had five children," she said.

Over the years, Brenda said they have cared for more than 50 children in their home, and they continue to be in touch with most of the kids even after they have moved out of the home. "It's never goodbye, it's see you later," she said.

The couple became foster-to-adopt parents about six years ago, and decided in October the five siblings would become permanent members of their family.

"My mom and dad have always been treated them like their own grandchildren, and were very excited to get a lump sum of grandchildren all at the same time," Brenda told "Our whole family is very supportive."