18 photos of the bond between soldiers and their dogs


Dogs are known as man's best friend but no relationship is stronger than those who rely on dogs to save their lives. Not only do they spend the majority of their day together, but they watch out for each other while in the field.

According to the United States War Dogs Association, dogs have been fighting alongside humans for centuries. Dogs have proven to be an essential part of the military due to the fact that they can go places humans cannot. They are also trained to sense things to keep their companion safe. These animals fill many roles throughout the military ranging from patrolling to detecting explosives. Dogs that work for the CIA can be on call 24/7 and sometimes work up to sixty hours a week, alongside their human handler of course.

It's clear from the photos below that the bond between these humans and their four-legged co-worker is incredibly strong; which is why many handlers end up adopting their furry friend after the dogs are deemed no longer fit for service. There are always the unfortunate few that lose their handlers during war, luckily these small but mighty soldiers can be adopted by civilians, you can learn about how, here.

See the canine heroes below: