Boy saves mom and unborn baby sister with 911 call

A 7-year-old boy saved two very important lives when his pregnant mom had a seizure.

Jaylen Jones called 911 in October when his mom suddenly lost consciousnessand began seizing from pre-eclampsia. Police said he rolled her onto her side and waited for paramedics to arrive.

Baby Latrice, who wasn't due until Christmas, was born that same day at just 2 pounds.

"I am really happy for him because most kids don't help. He could have let me lay there and die basically," Jaylen's mom, Stephanie Cluck, told KCBS.

But, he didn't let that happen, and because of Jaylen, his mom and baby sister are here today.

Jaylen received a "great job" award from Moreno Valley leaders for his great deed.

But it's all in a day's work for young Jaylen, who said: "It was so easy."

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