9 year old escapes car accident that killed mom with risky move

A 9-year-old girl crawled from the wreckage of her mother's car and swam across a creek for help, authorities said.

Chasity Murphy, 34, was trapped behind the wheel of the upside-down-vehicle and had drowned, the Kentucky State Police reported.

Her daughter, Mylee, was able to scramble up a hill in the dark Sunday night, but feel asleep on the side of a road before she could find help, police said.

Aid didn't arrive until the next morning, when passing driver Lee Roy Couch saw the overturned car and stopped.

Walking toward the embankment, he came upon Mylee.

"I lifted her over the guardrail, and asked her what happened," Couch told WKYT-TV. "She said, 'My Mommy wrecked and I climbed out the window.'''

Chasity Murphy lost control of her car and traveled about 100 feet over a drop-off and landed in the creek, police said.

"I think she was loved by everybody that met her," friend Verdia Callahan told the station. "She just had such an impact on you. She was smiling and always happy."

The child was treated and released Tuesday from the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

Couch said he doesn't believe he found the little girl by chance.

"God works miracles. There was just one spot where I could see the car, and that spot was where the kid was standing down the hill. You couldn't see her from the parkway."