Here's why people are destroying apples with their bare hands

Thousands of people are getting their fill of fruit all over the floor, using brute force to rip apart the apples as part of a new trend sweeping social media.

The task is simple, if you're UFC fighter Sage Northcutt. Northcutt tweeted a video of himself destroying an apple using just his hands.

In it, he can be heard saying, "Hey guys! Who can rip an apple apart?" And the #SuperSageAppleChallenge was born.

It's a lot harder than it looks for some, as Twitter has shown, but others had no trouble at all!

Watch Twitter users perform the #SuperSageAppleChallenge:

One dude crushed it one-handed! Another Twitter user had a slightly different approach, beating the apple to a bloody pulp.

And one 53-year-old mother ripped her apple to shreds.

The challenge gained even more attention when Northcutt tweeted an apple-breaking video at model Chrissy Teigen for her birthday.

Of course, Chrissy loved it! However, some Twitter users did not, saying it was wasting food for cyber attention.

But that's only if you throw the apple away! For some, they might just call it a shortcut in their applesauce recipe.