Inventors create bed that makes itself

Who doesn't love making their beds in the morning? Ok, so that's not exactly true. And that's where SMARTDUVET comes into play.

According to its Kickstarter page, the product "doesn't replace your existing bed or bedding, it simply makes them better. Our patent pending technology uses a simple inflatable sheet placed between your duvet and duvet cover. This breathable layer is made of extremely light weight material that is seamless and resistant."

A video on the crowdfunding page shows that, when the system is activated, the crumpled duvet of an unmade bed straightens itself out to lay flat again.

The description also notes that it comes with an app where "you can preset a different bed-making time for each day of the week, letting you sleep-in on the weekends if you want to."

The team expects to start shipping SMARTDUVET to backers in May 2017.

Its creators note the product is "not only for busy people but also for people with reduced mobility."

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