Obama reveals what he'll miss the most about being president

With less than two months left in office, President Obama sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about the recent presidential election. Obama discussed what he's looking forward to and what he'll miss most about being in the White House.

In regards to the election outcome, Obama told Rolling Stone he's disappointed but not surprised, saying he thinks Hillary Clinton would be a very fine president.

Obama credited his lack of astonishment to democracy, telling Rolling Stone:

He said, "That's the thing about voting...there is always a human variable involved in this. So I think the odds of Donald Trump winning were always around 20 percent."

The President also shut down rumors that his wife Michelle would run for office next, saying the First Lady is too sensible to want to be in politics.

When asked about defining moments over the past eight years, Obama responded saying, "I think the thing that I will miss the most about this place, the thing that can get me sentimental – and I try not to get too nostalgic, because I still got a bunch of work to do – it's the team we built here."

In regards to what's next, Obama said, "I'm gonna sleep for a couple of weeks... take my wife on a well-deserved vacation."

Can't blame Mr. President for that one! Here's to hoping he doesn't forget to apply sunscreen before he falls asleep on the beach.

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