Doomsayers are adamant that the world will end in December 2016

If you're all brushed up on your space conspiracy theories, you're probably, at the very least, aware of the infamous Nibiru, aka "Planet X."

Rumors of the mysterious body, whizzing through our solar system with an oblong orbit that coincidentally keeps it hidden from our view, have been floating around the internet for years.

Well, whether you're familiar with Planet X or not, brace yourselves, because according to the doomsayer community, this December it will collide with Earth, bringing with it the mother of all apocalyptic cataclysms.

Although every single past prediction of the sort proved false (see here and here), the Nibru truther movement gained some serious steam in January, when astronomers announced they believed they were zeroing in on a 9th planet just past the Kuiper belt.

This planet, artfully dubbed "Planet Nine," was observed and found to have nothing in common with the mythical Nibiru -- but that didn't stop theorists from linking the discovery to our impending global doom.

Thankfully, Snopes and NASA have both spoken out to reassure us mere Earthlings that we are, in fact, not going to die this month at the hand of the massive secret planet.

So if you want to blow your life savings on holiday gifts, go right ahead -- but don't come crying to us when we're still here on New Years Day.