Donald Trump mocks ABC News reporter for 'crying' on Election Night

No stranger to grumblings against the media, Donald Trump kicked off his victory tour in Cincinnati Thursday night by mocking an ABC News reporter he accused of crying on the night of his presidential victory.

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The billionaire said: "How about when a major anchor, who hosted a debate, started crying, when she realized that we won?"

Trump never said the anchor's name, but he appears to be referring to ABC newswoman Martha Raddatz, and the moment on 1:12 a.m. on Election Night when the real estate tycoon was declared the victor.

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"I was also looking back [voice breaks] at an interview Tim Kaine gave," Raddatz said at the time. "Tim Kaine has a son in the Marine Corps. He was asked, by John Dickerson, 'so if Donald Trump is democratically elected, and your son is serving as a Marine, you wouldn't trust his life under that commander in chief? And Kaine said, 'I wouldn't.'

The president-elect recalled the moment in Cincinnati saying: "Tears. No, tell me this isn't true and you know what she doesn't understand? Things are going to be much better now. She doesn't understand."

ABC News says any claim that Raddatz teared up was "ridiculous and untrue." Raddatz herself took to Twitter on November 10 and posted: "It is fiction that I was 'choked up.'"

Trump also got his supporters fired up saying: "We did have a lot of fun fighting Hillary, didn't we?

The soon-to-be 45th president of the United States also took the opportunity to announce his pick for secretary of defense.

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"We are going to appoint 'General Mad Dog Mattis' as our secretary of defense. But we're not announcing it until Monday so don't tell anybody," he said.

Marine Gen. James N. Mattis, 66, retired as chief of the U.S. Central Command in 2013. He has also made claims in the past that Washington does not have a strategy in the Middle East.

Mattis served in the Marine Corps for more than four decades and is said to be one of the most influential and strategic military leaders.

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