Watch A CNN reporter literally facepalm when interviewing a woman about Trump's false illegal votes claim

Even after Donald Trump won the presidency, he continued to draw lines in the metaphorical sand like a "sore winner." Last weekend, a classic Trump tweetstorm featured his false claim that he won the popular vote ... "if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally." He aimed to discredit the very election that volleyed him into the White House. It's futile to try and understand why he'd go there. CNN New Day anchor Alisyn Camerota clearly felt exasperated while talking to some Trump supporters who also believe there was widespread illegal voting — to the tune of millions of ballots — by undocumented immigrants.

One woman in particular insisted that trouble was brewing "in California, where 3 million illegals voted." This voter echoed Trump's false claims and claimed that "the media," including CNN, had informed her that people illegally voted. She also falsely claimed that President Obama said this was all peachy. Camerota asked the woman, "Did you hear President Obama say that illegal people could vote?" The woman immediately answered, "Yes."

She was backed up by another Trump supporter, who argued, "Google it. You can find it on Facebook." Camerota then fact-checked the claim and traced it to a "deceptively edited" report from Fox Business Network.

The first woman continued to argue the issue, which ended with a literal Camerota facepalm. Sometimes, that's the best response to the fake news train. Trump continues to follow his "rigged election" motif that filled general election season, and some supporters will follow.