One-year-old girl wakes from coma as doctors were ready to turn off life support


One-year-old Marwa, from Marseilles, France, had been struggling with her health since September, when a virus attacked her nervous system, causing her severe neurological disorders.

Doctors put the baby girl in a medically-induced coma, but after months of not waking up, they suggested she be taken off life-support -- against her parents wishes.

Instead of listening to their advice, her parents gathered more than 100,000 signatures on their petition so court officials could grant Marwa an extension of life.

"Marwa is currently admitted to the hospital La Timone in Marseille on life support and may be disconnected and lose her life, despite the progress and visible improvement since her admission," the translated petition reads. "Consciousness, movement, and recognition."

Thankfully, the court ruled in favor of extending her care for two months at La Timone Hopsital, Marseille, according to Mirror.

But doctors were insistent that they would fight to turn off the respirator immediately, claiming that she would never walk, eat or breathe on her own.

However, just ten days after the court granted her an extension of care, Marwa woke up.

See photos of Marwa:

Although the child's future remains uncertain -- it's impossible to tell which skills she will and will not regain -- her family remains optimistic.

"Her treatment continues, but we see daily progress, and it gives us great hope," the girl's father told Nice Matin, a local news source. "When I talk to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes she smiles."