Complaint about pride flag sparks amazing neighborhood reaction

The presidential election has caused tension in some parts of the country, with both protests and hate crimes raging. In some cases, people's frustrations manifest in quieter ways; in this case, it was a note in someone's mailbox.

Ann Arbor, Michigan resident Susan Pearlman put a gay pride version of the American flag outside her home the day after the PULSE Orlando massacre in June. Recently, however, she received a note that someone was uncomfortable with its presence:

Credit: Susan Pearlman

"I wanted to express to you that the flag deeply troubled me in hopes that you might understand why," the neighbor wrote. "I was troubled by the rainbow version of the American flag because it looks over so many things the original American flag represents."

The neighbor then requested that Pearlman put the American flag next to her pride flag so they could be side by side.

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Pearlman spoke to Mashable about the note. She showed it to neighbors in a panic; she said one of them "read the letter and asked where she could find a flag ... a couple others agreed with her."

Suddenly, a movement began: those in Pearlman's neighborhood joined her by flying pride flags.

Her neighbors kept putting up pride flags. "As of today there are 20 flags flying and more are to come," she told Mashable.

Pearlmans, whose daughter is a lesbian, shared this act by her neighbors on Facebook:

Despite the jarring letter, Pearlman could see that those around her supported her.