2,300 scientists pen sobering open letter to Trump

In the past, Donald Trump has made some suggestions that have alarmed the scientific community – calling climate change a 'hoax,' asserting that fracking is a risk-free practice, and calling the safety of some vaccines into question.

2,300 scientists, 22 of whom are winners of the Nobel Prize, have written an open letter to Trump and upcoming congress, asking that they respect the field, reports NBC News.

It begins, "Scientific knowledge has played a critical role in making the United States a powerful and prosperous nation and improving the health and well-being of Americans and people around the world...people benefit when our nation's policies are informed by science unfettered by inappropriate political or corporate influence."

See Trump's official picks for his administration:

The letter goes on to stress that, "...creating a strong and open culture of science begins at the top. Federal agencies should be led by officials with demonstrated track records of respecting science as a critical component of decision making."

Further noted is, "scientists should, without fear of reprisal or retaliation, have the freedom and responsibility to...conduct their work without political or private-sector interference," and, "disclose misrepresentation, censorship, and other abuses of science."

The authors close with a vow to, "...continue to champion efforts that strengthen the role of science in policy making and stand ready to hold accountable any who might seek to undermine it."

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