10 incredible space photos from astronaut Don Pettit's new book


Photographs can show us things that unaided human eyes cannot see. Mount a camera on a tripod, point it at the heavens, and open the shutter, and you can capture an image of curving streaks of starlight that reveal information about our planet and its position in the solar system. I have made such time exposures of space from Earth, so when I had the chance, I figured it was only fitting to make time exposures of Earth from space.

Spaceborneis on sale now.

"To travel in space is to be awestruck, over and over and over."--Don Pettit, Spaceborne.

Check out the photos from his time in space below:

Don Pettit and his crewmates flew into space three times, capturing about 600,000 photos from their shuttle missions and long-term stays on the International Space Station. In his new book, Spaceborne, the astronaut/photographer highlights some of the best of the collection, leading to page after page of mind-blowingly beautiful space imagery. This is a good one for the coffee table.

Popular Science's photo director, Thom Payne, chose 10 of his favorite Spaceborne images. Here are his picks, with captions excerpted from the book.

Adapted fromSpaceborne, by Don Pettit. Published by PSG.

Check out the photos from his time in space below: