Woman destroys light display before town's holiday celebration

One woman proved to her town that she's a real-life Grinch.

Owners of Escape Cafe in Kirkham, England, posted stills from a security video of a woman destroying light decorations on the eatery:

The woman apparently threw mud and flowers on the lights. "This lovely lady decided last night that she wasn't happy with the way we decorated the front of the building," the owners said on Facebook, "so she decided to do her own job whilst we were out at a function."

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They explained that she pulled out bedding plants that the town council provided ahead of the ceremony. She then threw them at the cafe.

The owners, James Haythornthwaite and Rebecca Kelly, live above the cafe -- but were away on a catering job. Haythornthwaite told the Daily Mail, "The outside flower beds [in two baskets at the front of the store] had been ripped up and thrown at the front of the cafe."

He and Kelly played the security footage to find "a woman, who was completely drunk, shouting at the cafe and throwing mud and flowers for three to four minutes at the front door."

They had decorated the cafe in preparation for Kirkham's Christmas lighting celebration. According to the Daily Mail, the celebration includes carols, blessing of the crib, and torchlight walks. The cafe is providing food for the celebration.

After the couple shared the photos, they received several names and had contacted local police.