Dr. Oz sued over claims about 'fake' olive oil


By: Maria Mercedes Galuppo, Buzz60

Popular daytime TV talk show host Dr. Oz is facing a lawsuit for claiming that the extra virgin imported olive oil sold in the U.S. may be fake.

The North American Olive Oil Association didn't take Dr. Oz's words lightly when he made the claim on his talk show to millions of viewers that 80 percent of the extra virgin olive oil sold in U.S. supermarkets isn't "real."

The suit, filed by the trade group that represents the largest American importers and bottlers, blames Oz for making claims completely unsourced, adding in the past he's recommended products with no proven benefits, yet his "false and careless words have discouraged millions of people from using a product with scientifically demonstrated advantages."

The North American Olive Oil Association's own testing found their samples met and exceeded quality and purity standards.

The Association filed the lawsuit in Georgia and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages and payment for the group's legal fees. Some members of the trade group conduct business in Georgia.

Dr. Oz is no stranger to controversy, a study published in the British Medical Journal found that more than half of his recommendations had no scientific support or contradicted scientific evidence outright.

And just last year A group of 10 prominent doctors called on Columbia University to oust the popular TV doctor from its faculty. A move Dr. Oz fought back against.

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