Anderson Cooper on Trump's latest tweet storm: 'Doesn't he have a briefing book on ISIS to be reading?'

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper appeared puzzled by President-elect Donald Trump's latest series of tweets railing against the network and questioned whether he should be focusing on presidential matters.

Cooper was referring to Trump's tweets Monday night disparaging the network and accusing it of favoring Democrat Hillary Clinton, in their coverage of the election.

Earlier, Trump promoted a series of tweets from his followers attacking CNN journalist Jeff Zeleny over a report about Trump's false claims of voter fraud.

"I kept thinking doesn't he have like a briefing book on ISIS to be reading last night at 10 o'clock," Cooper said.

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Cooper's comments stem from a report that Trump declined some daily classified intelligence briefings in the weeks following his election victory.

In addition to the daily briefings Trump is expected to be receiving, he and his transition team are in the middle of making several Cabinet appointments before his inauguration on January 20.

Cooper continued: "There's a huge amount of information for him to be absorbing now and the fact that he's watching shows — I appreciate he's watching the show — but what is he doing?," Cooper added.

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