You can have dinner with Santa in the sky


Take your Christmas dining experience to a whole new level, literally.

Enjoy a meal with none other than Santa and his reindeers all the way up in the sky of Brussels.

"Santa in the Sky" is a new twist on the Belgian capital's "Dinner in the Sky" venture, where diners and the chefs are lifted high in the air on an open platform suspended from a construction crane.

Guests are greeted by the ringing of Santa's bells and after being securely strapped to their chairs, they can enjoy a delicious hot chocolate and Belgian waffle to get acclimated.

There's space for 16 diners on the beautiful sleigh ride, and they all get to enjoy gorgeous views right after they stop freaking out about the height.

Distinguished chefs, some even with Michelin stars to their name, run around an open kitchen to prepare either a gastronomic four-course dinner with wine for up $265, or a high tea for $58.