Woman sends amputated toe to fiancé to make a necklace

Oftentimes, jewelry one wears can be meaningful. In this case, though, someone's necklace may have a very bizarre reason behind it.

A Tumblr user only known as Lana was sent an amputated pinky toe in the mail. The sender, fellow Tumblr user known as Haley, gave it to Lana so she can make a wearable pendant out of it. Lana posted about it on her Tumblr page, along with photos of the toe:


"A few days ago I received a very special package I the mail. It contained this amputated human toe, belonging to the lovely royallyoily [Tumblr user Haley]," Lana said.

She then confirmed that it is actually the woman's toe. "Like, literally this is a toe off of her foot."

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For her project, Lana will change the solution it's in and make it into something Haley can wear. She said doing this for Haley is very meaningful to her, "more so than any other jewelry project I've taken on, including the engagement ring," implying they are engaged.

She continued, "I'm so appreciative of her trust in me, and I'm so excited to get to work on this!"

Haley then answered some questions about the toe:


Apparently, Haley did not voluntarily amputate her toe. Instead, she had surgery in 2008 as recommended by a doctor.

When asked to comment, a Tumblr spokesman told New York Magazine, "We're happy to see how these two have connected over their shared passion."