Video shows angry bear being rescued from septic tank

People aren't sure if workers were trying to save this bear or just stumbled into it, but whatever the motivation is, the bear does not seem happy about it.

A viral video shows a group of construction workers in Bolu, Turkey, inspecting and later destroying a concrete septic tank.

After they break a hole in the side, the bear bursts through. He claws his way out before eventually slipping through a hole he created.

The Daily Mail and Metro reported that the workers simply stumbled on the bear, while Mashable speculates that this was definitely a rescue mission.

According to the YouTube description of the photo, the incident happened in September 2015.

It also alleges that the bear was eating farm chickens when it fell into the septic tank and became trapped.

When rescuers dashed to his aid, the bear did not seem interested.

In fact, he looks furious.

Anger aside, it looks like he escaped without incident.

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