NASA needs your help solving the deep 'space poop challenge'

When it comes to deep space travel and getting humans as far as we possibly can get them, there are a lot of issues that arise. Many of them surround the basic needs of human beings and how relatively fragile we are.

One of those issues is the fact that humans need to pass waste.

In an effort to solve this problem, NASA is asking for help. They've tapped a crowdfunding platform called "heroX" to source a system that can collect all the waste the average human would pass for up to six days.

They set that duration because they need this device to work, even in an emergency situation. It would need to fit in an astronaut's space suit, so it would ideally have to operate hands free, work in zero gravity and not require the release of very precious oxygen.

There is a deadline for the design, and it's coming up fast. If you want to win the $30,000 reward for best design, you'll have to get to work!

Currently, astronauts who are on space walks that can last up to 8 hours use diapers, which can obviously be very uncomfortable. Just like when you were a baby, wearing a diaper could lead to rashes and other, similar terrible situations.

So, hey, let's try and help out the brave men and women who take to the heavens. They're risking their lives, let's not make them risk their dignity too.

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