Man hits BMW with a bat after owner blocks traffic for photoshoot

In New York City, patience runs pretty thin. Because there are so many cars, all with places to go, people can get testy with each other. One New Yorker certainly took his road rage to the next level.

YouTuber Coby Persin shared a video on Twitter of what happened when he and a friend posed in front of a BMW, thus blocking New York City traffic:

Amongst the honks and yells from annoyed passersby, one man eventually came up to the car and bashed the windshield with a bat.

See reactions to the intense video

The video quickly went viral, getting thousands of likes and retweets.

While some believed it to be real, others think it was a stunt. Apparently, Persin is a prank YouTuber. A couple weeks before he posted the video, he asked his fans if they wanted to see a prank or a "social experiment":

Social experiment won over prank.

Whether it was real or staged, the display of road rage certainly earned a big reaction.