Domino's is training reindeer to deliver pizza

Rudolph is not the only reindeer going down in history. Domino's Pizza's new delivery reindeer may have a pretty good shot at that too.

Domino's Japan is currently training reindeer to pull sleds that will deliver pizza to hungry customers.

Domino's Pizza delivery methods
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Domino's Pizza delivery methods

A Domino Pizza shop employee drives a one-seater electric vehicle named 'Qi', produced by Japanese toy maker Takara, to deliver pizzas to a customer in Tokyo, 14 November 2003. The compact electric vehicle Qi enables a user to drive 60kms for 45 minutes charge with a maximum speed of 35 mph.


Domino's delivery driver Robert Isuf paddles a canoe down the River Loose in Maidstone, Kent, to deliver fresh pizza to Debbie Hayes, as Domino's announces it is trialling a waterway delivery service in the canal side village.

(David Parry/PA Wire)

A Domino's Pizza delivery rider seen on his way to deliver pizza in London's financial district, Friday, January 6, 2006. Domino's Pizza U.K. & Ireland Plc, the largest British pizza-delivery chain, may say sales for the six weeks into the New Year increased as a result of new outlets.

(Photo by Graham Barclay/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Delivery vehicles stand outside a Domino's Pizza Inc. fast food store in Moscow, Russia, on Monday, Aug. 15, 2011. Domino's, which has 4,900 stores in the U.S. and 4,400 international locations, will open as many as 300 stores a year over the long-term, with most being in overseas markets.

(Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Domino's Pizza delivery motorbike, Cornwall

(Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

American chain Domino's pizza delivery by Domino's bicycles in Copenhagen.

(Photo by Francis Joseph Dean/DeanPictures)

Domino's franchisee Craig Birchall, and store manager, Angus Sinclair outside their Domino's Pizza Delivery store in Grattan St Carlton. The company has been listed on the ASX on 16th May, 2005.

(Fairfax Media via Getty Images)


While the sleds will be reminiscent of Santa Claus- the main reason behind the sleds is the weather. Japan is expected to get some serious winter weather, and delivery on bikes would be impossible- so reindeer will be a more practical way for pizza delivery people to get around.

All sleds will come equipped with a GPS tracker so customers at home can track their delivery in real-time. In December, the tracker will even begin using a reindeer icon.

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