'Spamusement' Park to become a reality


If your city is famous for its hot springs, you might as well capitalize on it! Beppu, a city in Japan, has decided to go a step further than a typical spa.

They are going to build the world's first spa-musement park.

A video showcasing all that a spa-musement park could be was created to promote the idea of a thrilling day spa and shared on Mayor Nagano's Facebook page.

Nagano said that if this video reached a million views, the spa-musement park would become a reality..

How could this video not get a million views? People wearing only towels sitting in water filled roller coaster seats? Some of the rides even look like cats!

Walt Disney himself would probably love this idea.

Well, the whole idea except for the part about eating ice cream that has other people's bathwater splashed on it.

Another question, in the concept video, the only clothing seen are towels... are swimsuits optional?