Scientists say time travel is possible

By Patrick Jones, Buzz60

Who doesn't love a good theory about space and time and whether time travel is possible.

And we're getting a good theory out of researchers from Griffith University's Center for Quantum Dynamics and at the University of California. They're calling it the "Many Interacting Worlds Theory."

That name basically sums the theory up quite well. The scientists are saying there are many parallel universes where every conceivable outcome occurs and these different universes interact with one another.

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Meaning a person could theoretically visit alternate timelines and potentially meet the versions of themselves where they were president or maybe where they were a talking chipmunk or even a universe where they never existed like some sort of cosmic version of "It's a Wonderful Life."

The theorists say their ideas don't reinvent the physics wheel, but that they're predicting something between Isaac Newton's law and quantum mechanics.

Now of course the question that comes to mind, is how come we haven't seen anyone who has done this?

It can't possibly be because of some ethical code these time travelers are sticking to. We can't even get people to sort their recycling from their trash. You think they would listen to time travel rules?