NYPD gives rapper award for preventing sexual assault on bus

Moise Morancy has been hailed as a hero by the NYPD, an organization of which he has been critical in the past, and presented an award for preventing an alleged sexual assault.

Morancy received the Good Samaritan award after he allegedly stopped a man from inappropriately touching a 15-year-old girl on a Queens bus in October.

"They contacted me a little bit after and said they wanted to honor me, and I was like whoa, that's amazing," Morancy told the Daily News.

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Morancy went on to say that his perception of the NYPD had changed because of the incident.

"If he never existed, or never joined the force, my perception of police probably wouldn't have changed until much later in life," Morancy said of Sergeant Johnny J. Hines III, the officer who granted his release when the situation on the bus escalated.