Someone renamed NYC's Trump Tower 'Dump Tower' on Google Maps

Someone has quietly renamed Donald Trump's glitzy Manhattan building "Dump Tower."

If you Google "Trump Tower," you'll see a pin labeled "Dump Tower" on Fifth Avenue. Don't expect it to stay that way for long, though.

Image: google maps screenshot

Some people online think it was a Google employee who changed the name, although that remains to be confirmed.

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Changing a landmark name appears to be a manual process that needs authorization from an employee.

Learn more about Trump Tower:

According to Google's instructions, changes to the map database are reviewed by hand, so theoretically, someone would have had to deliberately hit "confirm" on Dump Tower.

Trump supporters are not impressed.

Some others seem to be able to find the humor in it though.

The president-elect lives in a three-storey penthouse apartment on the 58th floor, and works on the 26th floor.

His private elevator is also covered in 24-karat gold.

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