Reddit CEO admits to secretly editing comments from Trump supporters

Steve Huffman, the CEO of Reddit, admitted on Wednesday that he altered a number of insulting user comments directed at him, reports the Verge.

According to CNET, the posts in question were part of the fallout from the site's shutdown of a subreddit called 'Pizzagate,' which was dedicated to a discredited conspiracy theory that connected both Hillary Clinton and John Podesta to a ring of pedophiles.

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After the plug was pulled, a bevy of angry users waged a Reddit war on Huffman, whose site name is 'spez.'

The CEO admitted to redirecting those comments, using his administrative power to substitute instances of his username with those belonging to a variety of pro-Trump group members.

Said Huffman, "...I messed with the 'f**k u/spez' comments, replacing 'spez' with r/the_donald mods for about an hour. It's been a long week here trying to unwind the r/pizzagate stuff. As much as we try to maintain a good relationship with you all, it does get old getting called a pedophile constantly. As the CEO, I shouldn't play such games, and it's all fixed now."