Twitter explodes after Ann Coulter's tweet on American Nazis

In recent days, many have reacted with disgust and anger over a video showing white supremacists gathered and in a celebratory mood over Donald Trump's presidential win.

Ann Coulter inserted herself into the discussion on Monday night, tweeting, "Total # of deaths connected to American Nazi Party in last quarter century: ZERO; Total # of deaths connected to Al Sharpton: 9 I know of."

Droves have reacted to her words with disgust and anger as well.

Among them was Perez Hilton who wrote on Twitter, "Ann Coulter is now a Nazi sympathizer? Excuse me while I grab a bucket of water and hunt her down!"

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Another tweet read, "Yeah but in the last century they killed 6 million. So if you average it, that's still more than nine. Are you for real?"


Some defended her, with one saying, "She's showing contrast between real threats and perceived ones."

Coulter later noted, "The that Nazis (not connected w/ GOP) = irrelevant; MSNBC's Sharpton (connected at hip to Dems) = 9 dead."

It remains unclear where she got the death count information.